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We are a seasoned team of marketing specialists with deep expertise and experience in generating customer engagement and lead conversions for B2B companies.
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We have extremely talented people. Some are right-brain creatives, some are left-brain thinkers. That makes us a whole-brain agency. Which means we can do a lot to help drive demand generation for your products and services.
Chadric Humphreys
Chadric Humphreys
Founder, Creative Director and Senior Brand Strategist
Chadric Humphreys
As the Founder, Creative Director and Senior Brand Strategist at Diseño, Chadric is the driving force behind the agency's successful fusion of strategic and design excellence. He has over 30 years of brand development and marketing experience working with B2B companies spanning a diverse range of industries.

I launched Diseño as a 1-man agency without any clients in a bartered office room 21 years ago.

A lot has changed since then, but Diseño’s core attributes of integrity, passion and dedication remain as true now as they were on that first day in business.

Why choose Diseño? Because we are B2B marketing experts who will align and elevate your company’s brand presence while increasing qualified leads for your sales team. Contact me if you’d like to chat about working together.

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